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Lloyd Lowe Sr. has built a successful fee-based practice by training his staff to support his clients-instead of supporting him.

By Interview by Maggie Leyes

Becoming a financial planner was a conscious decision for Lloyd Lowe Sr., a NAIFA-Dallas member. He had been working in administrative management in the food service industry, but as he researched the financial-planning profession as a possible new direction in his life, he came to realize that a golden opportunity was awaiting him. In 1995, there were few financial planners and a whole lot of Baby Boomers who were going to need help in the coming years. So, he completed a master’s degree in financial planning from the University of Dallas and opened up his business, LD Lowe Sr. Financial Advisory, LLC, in Frisco, Texas.

Advisor Today sat down with this MDRT Court of the Table member and asked him how he built such a successful, fee-only practice—with 638 clients—over the last decade.

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