How do you want to spend the rest of your life?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” plan to fit every investor and every financial goal.

It is never too early - or too late - to plan. But if you don’t plant the seed, the tree will never grow.

Where do you want your bridge to take you?

As a client, you are family - not just a number.

Are you living to work, or working to live? There is a big difference.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” - Winston Churchill

Case Study: Taking a Much-needed Break

Can you fund a dream vacation while going through a divorce?

The following is a hypothetical case study that demonstrates a proposed approach for a high-earning professional woman dealing with a difficult, painful divorce process that has been going on for approximately two years.


Due to the stress of the proceedings, the client is looking to take time off from working and spend more time with her family, with whom she has a very close relationship. She wants to obtain an equitable settlement and finalize her divorce while planning for time away to travel with her relatives.

During the divorce, the client has left her job, so her sources of income once the divorce is finalized would be her personal assets and a lump sum settlement. Eventually, she plans to use her professional expertise to become a part-time consultant.


The focus of planning should be on the client’s goals of minimizing the stress related to her divorce and positioning her to take time off to travel and spend time with family. The client’s long-term goal is to fully retire to be near family in another city. To achieve her goals, the approach would be:

–To first take a holistic view of the client’s assets. Using information, LD Lowe would develop a financial plan aimed at ensuring funding her retirement while allowing for funds for immediate expenses, including planned travel.

–The client has left her residence during the divorce and plans to buy a new home. She has settled on a home she wants, but does not have qualifying regular income because she has left her job. LD Lowe could help her utilize lump sum funds and draw down assets safely to execute a cash purchase, and build the eventual resale value of the residence back into her plan when she moves to a new city.

–In addition to budgeting for the home purchase, LD Lowe can develop a very conservative budget from the cash flow available from existing assets, the future downsizing of her residence and a small amount of consulting income relative to her expertise to fund her retirement plan through age 100.


–When the client brings her divorce to a conclusion, she could realize an equitable lump sum settlement.

–The client would then be able to take a planned extended vacation to Rome with two family members who have been dreaming of that chance.

–The client could be confident in her long-term financial position with her very conservative plan that can be enhanced by future income from her own consulting business.