How do you want to spend the rest of your life?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” plan to fit every investor and every financial goal.

It is never too early - or too late - to plan. But if you don’t plant the seed, the tree will never grow.

Where do you want your bridge to take you?

As a client, you are family - not just a number.

Are you living to work, or working to live? There is a big difference.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” - Winston Churchill

Your Security

Data safety is a tremendous concern in all industries. We take the trust you have given us with your personal information very seriously. Through the remainder of this article we have highlighted different areas of data risk and how we address them.

Data Entry:

All of your data is entered by a member of the LD Lowe team rather than outsourced to a data entry facility. Many firms outsource this process. Having an LD Lowe team member entering data adds another level of assurance that individuals outside of our firm are not viewing your information.


All of our data is backed up nightly in two geographically distinct locations simultaneously. This means the risk of actually “losing” data is near zero. We can also perform full backup recovery in the event of a system-wide emergency. Our platform is also fully redundant and we utilize mirrored drives for all data storage. So if a piece of hardware were to fail on our side data will not be lost and the platform will not go down.

Our database and file storage software owns and maintains its own equipment, co-located at two Class A data center facilities, one in Sacramento, CA and the other in Dallas, TX. It does not rent equipment from a third party.


Our database and file storage software uses 128-bit encryption from GeoTrust, one of the largest and most reputable provides of SSL security in the world. And the encryption keys are replaced annually (not just renewed) to provide even more security.

We utilize the latest in Internet Firewall and Intrusion detection systems from Cisco. And our security systems are independently monitored by third-parties to further ensure the security of data.

All of our computers are password protected for entry. Each program we use also requires a separate password to access. Passwords are rotated every quarter.

Background Checks: 

All employees are run through a financial and criminal background check.


All employees must sign a binding non-compete agreement. If any employee terminates employment at LD Lowe Wealth Advisory he or she are not legally able to take or communicate your information to another firm.

Privacy Policy:

We want to assure all of our clients that whenever information is used, it is done with discretion. The safeguarding of customer information is an issue we take seriously at LD Lowe Wealth Advisory. To affirm our continuing commitment to the proper use of customer information, we have set forth the following Privacy Principles.

  1. Recognition of a Customer’s Expectation of Privacy
  2. Use, Collection, and Retention of Cutomer Information
  3. Maintenance of Accurate Information
  4. Limiting Employee Access to Information
  5. Protection of Information via Established Security Procedures
  6. Restrictions on the Disclosure of Customer Information
  7. Maintaining Customer Privacy in Business Relationships with Third Parties
  8. Disclosure of Privacy Principles to Customers


All personal securities transactions reports and any other information are treated as confidential, provided that such reports and related information may be produced to the designated examining authority and other regulatory agencies.

If any employee becomes aware of any fraudulent or other inappropriate action, he or she are required to immediately contact the Chief Compliance Officer.

Code of Ethics:

In recognition of the trust and confidence placed in us by clients, and because we believe that our operations should benefit clients, we have adopted the following universally applicable principles.

  1. Client’s interests are paramount. You must place client interests before your own. In addition, you should not place one client’s interest before another.
  2. You must accomplish all personal securities transactions in a manner that avoids even the appearance of a conflict of your personal interests with those of a client.
  3. You must avoid actions or activities that allow (or appear to allow) you or your family to profit or benefit from your position with LD Lowe Wealth Advisory, or that brings into question your independence or judgment.
  4. You must take all steps to comply with applicable federal and state securities laws.

Office Cleaning Crew:

We use a bonded cleaning crew that we have background checked. They have access to our office only through our security controls.


All hard copy documents are shredded rather than thrown away. We have a heavy-duty commercial strip cut shredder in the office.

Daily and Nightly Security Procedures:

Client files are not to be left out on an unattended desk. When individuals leave their computer for any reason they are to lock the screen so no one can access or view the information while they are away. Every night all paper files with personal client information in them are locked in a filing cabinet for security.


All faxes are received through the computer rather than having a paper fax machine. This means that if a fax comes in at midnight it is not laying out on a fax machine where the cleaning crew can see it.

Additional Security:

We have added a monitored door keypad entry that allows us to know who has entered our offices after hours. This measure is above and beyond the standard building security.